Gentile Merino


Composition: 100% merino wool

Weight: 50g

Length: 62m

Needles: 7-8mm

Crochet hook: 8mm

Maintenance: Machine wash at 30 degrees

Origin: Made in Italy

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Product description

Katia Gentile Merino comes all the way from the south of Italy, high-quality merino wool with centuries of history. It dates back to the 15th century when Spanish kings in the Papal States crossed local sheep with Spanish Merino rams. Since then, careful breeding over the years by breeders in Puglia and Abruzzo has resulted in the current breed called Merino Gentile di Puglia.
With every ball of Katia Gentile Merino, you support the project's values, confirming the origin and traceability of high-quality 100% Italian wool. Create unique garments with the fineness, resilience, and purity of merino wool produced under rigorous quality control.
Feel the tradition and exclusivity of Katia Gentile Merino in your hands.

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