About Us

Beautiful love stories make us all happy. Just imagine one such story started by two sisters who love knitting and handicrafts and continued with their own business. We completed the story of knitting and creativity by importing wool and yarn, not only for our ten but for all the skilled fingers who might be reading this.

You know that love never fades away! That's why our yarns are the result of a search for something fresh, high-quality, and different. We took the first steps with the Spanish brand Katia, the leading European brand of wool and beautiful materials.

Our mission is simple - to provide you with quality, good and expeditious service. To offer you a range of the best brands engaged in production. Let us present you with a new one. That every knitter already recognizes the quality we bring from afar and that she spends her time and hands only on high-quality raw materials. Love is always soft, and there is nothing softer than this love.
As with love - once a quality raw material gets under your fingers, you will be happy to return to it every time.

For the hard-working and environmentally conscious, we also have biodegradable fibers as our commitment to the environment and the planet.

Lyocell, Tencel Cotton, Secell Cotton, Tencel Merino… all your favorite yarn are here.
Our online store presents leading European manufacturers with high-quality natural materials and high production standards. Because that's our love...and we don't joke with love.


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